September 7, 2009

August recap

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Well, Summer is almost to an end. The color of the leaves are turning a dull green, and the sound that they are making is much more paper-like than the usual suppleness of soft Springtime leaves.

The Partner Yoga Workshop at Gotta Yoga Studio on the 29th with Allison Ford and myself rocked!! We got sweaty, we chanted, we got our peace on, we found deeper connection with our bodies and with each other. What a powerful experience.

Planning is coming along nicely for the Costa Rica Yoga/Wellness Retreat for this winter. I am so looking forward to getting away, back to a place that makes you feel like you are home away from home. The incredible views of the Costa Rican mountains, the freshest air you can breathe, the power from the Pacific Ocean, the smoothness of the infinity pool, daily meditation and art making, and of course…YOGA!

So even though Summer is coming to an end, I will be celebrating my endless Summer within and feeling the heat of the tropical Sun against my skin in December. Join me! Only 5 cabinas left! for more details.