October 28, 2009

Humbled by the Answer

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So, many of you have seen my posts on my other online pages about an amazing experience that I have recently had. I still find myself humbled. I still find myself freed from questioning. I still find myself at even greater peace.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet an Enlightened Master from India as he gave a talk in Charlotte. This is the first time Nithyananda (Swamiji) had been to North Carolina. He travels the world, educating others about the power of meditation, the healing benefits and the potential that we as human beings have with our minds. An Enlightened Master is someone who has meditated for such a long time, years and years and they have reached a point of deep internal bliss, peace, and an ultimate awareness.  They have a super consciousness, are blessed with incredible insight, a sense of knowing what the we as humans seem almost incapable of.

In India, thousands of people will crowd and wait many hours for an opportunity to be near his wonderful energy. I was blessed enough to be in HIS presence with only about 300-400 people in the space.

He talked for nearly two hours, referring to a Yoga Sutra about allowing a peaceful, blissful inner space bloom inside your being by letting go of thoughts of greed, lust, anger and other negative thoughts and feelings that are not needed for your everyday life. His message was that if we are able to let go of just these thoughts for 21 days, we would clear up 90% of our clouded inner space and begin to develop clarity and an inner space of non-conflict.

He spoke clearly, with lighthearted humor and added the occasional “please understand this” to capture attention as he repeated important aspects of his message. He radiated a sense of calmness, a sense of certain knowing, and even as he blinked his eyes, he seemed completely aware that his body was doing that in that moment. He clearly embraces all world religions as sacred and unique. His teaching is that Living Enlightenment in a science.

I listened to his words carefully as they carried this powerful message.  I was feeling honored, blessed to be there in the room with him. He sat on an upholstered bench with pillows on a small stage with tapestries hanging behind him. He seemed to travel with a large group of people also wearing robes, who cherish his energy, and work with him to introduce and take care of his affairs.

Upon completion of his message, we are given an opportunity to meet with Nithyananda breifly. Hundreds form lines for thier moment to feel his energy. While waiting in line, I observe people walking away from him in tears, as if a stronger power has taken over them. I see families bringing their disabled children to his feet, to be blessed by his healing energy. It was intense and beautiful.

I begin thinking of what I could possibly ask him. How do I narrow down just one question to ask an Enlightened Master? I thought to myself that many of my questions can be brought back to one, really. I wonder many times why unfortunate things happen to innocent people. I wonder why children get sick, and suffer when they are just so innocent. I wonder why bad things happen to good people, and why it seems sometimes that these good people can put so much positive energy into the universe and yet they can still be “punished”. From a Buddhist viewpoint, this could be answered by saying that we live our karma in this life, based on who we were in our past life (lives). From a Westerner’s viewpoint, this doesn’t seem to be explanation enough at times. So, THAT is what I will ask him.

As I walk up to stand next to him, I bow to honor his presence. I then raise my head to where our eyes met and a deep smile adorned his face. I immediately feel an intense energy that really caught me off gaurd. While I didn’t have any real expectations, this was a surprise to feel this way. It was like for that moment, we were having a dialogue without words. Just intense. He then reaches his hands toward me, one hand on my head, the other behind my neck. As soon as his hands were almost touching my head, his energy was so clear, so strong, like he was an open channel, transferring energy from someplace stronger than what one person could cultivate.

He placed his hands on my head and neck and he rubbed his thumb up my forehead from the point between my eyebrows to my hairline. He then said one word. One word that answered every question that I was going to ask him. I had an immense feeling of confirmation, a feeling of being freed of all questions, a feeling of knowing. I gazed into his eyes once again and said what made sense.  “Thank you”.

Upon departing his side, I was still basking in the comfort of his intense energy and found myself so taken back that I had to sit down to process. My entire body felt tingly with energy like I have never experienced before. It was a feeling that I felt the need to sit, observe and cherish.

The one word that he spoke to me was “Lessons”. This answer made me realize that bad things happen to good people because lessons are being taught. They may not be a lesson for the person who experiences these bad things, but surely a lesson for someone surrounding them. These lessons are necessary and I feel now that we should embrace them, honor them and be grateful for them. It has been only four days since meeting Swamiji, but I still feel completely free inside of any question. I feel a lightness, a clarity within myself that I am so grateful for.

I find myself humbled by my experience. I find myself feeling blessed that my path has included him, his energy and his teachings in my life. I find myself knowing even moreso now the importance and strength of meditation and discovering Divine Inner Peace, or Divine Shanti.

For more information about Nithyananda and his message, visit http://www.nithyananda.org




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  1. Martha Hornby said,

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Thanks to You!

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