November 10, 2009

Meditation for Pain Relief

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For many people who suffer from chronic pain, spending quiet time
in meditation has proven to be the first step in learning how to cope with their pain.

The human body can produce its own natural chemical
self-stimulants called endorphins. Among other things, this group
of molecules alleviates stress, reduces pain, and gives a feeling
of pleasure.

During meditation, when the brain is in a highly synchronous and coherent state (as measured by EEG brainwave biofeedback machines), it produces large quantities of these endorphins, making the whole experience pleasurable, giving an overall feeling of well-being. Many report a feeling of peace, happiness, connectedness, and having a sense of wholeness.

Scientists have found that when the brain is stimulated by a
pleasurable experience, it is capable of overwhelming or
inhibiting other stimuli. Thus, pleasure can overcome depression
or pain.

Meditation is a very powerful, yet flexible tool. Experiment with different methods and techniques to discover which work best for you.Simple techniques like conscious breathing, having a transformational life view, visualization or imagery can all be quite effective for relieving pain.

A transformational life view brings about an ability to act with greater balance and inner security in the world, especially when encountering stress, pain, or illness. This category includes the popular mindfulness meditation which is used extensively by stress reduction clinics that have helped thousands of chronic pain sufferers and people with illnesses.

Find a group in your area to meet for meditation. Take a mere five minutes for yourself in the morning, and again in the evening for meditation. Even ten minutes a day can have amazing healing benefits. Ask your Yoga teacher for assistance. Perhaps hiring them for a private class for learning meditation techniques could be an investment for your health. As with any new practice, consistency is key and will make your practice more fulfilling.

We may sometimes feel that we don’t have time to slow down, or don’t have time for ourselves. Only you can allow yourself this gift of being truly with your mind, your body and your spirit. Meditation is a great tool for finding relaxation, inner peace and becoming pain-free.


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