December 23, 2009

Essential Tips for Practice

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Here are some essential tips for your Yoga practice, whether you are beginning, or growing your existing practice:

1. Arrive to class early. This allows not only yourself the time to get settled in and to shift your energies from the outside inward, but also is respectful of those who practice with you and the teacher. We all meet on the mat to be completely present in the moment. We create a sacred inner space of nourishment and healing. This can be interrupted by students coming into class after it has started. Understandably, things come up with our schedules (traffic, direction issues etc..) but if you realize that you are arriving after class has begun, please wait until you sense movement in the class before coming in.

2. Honor self-perceptions. As a student, you have the responsibility to listen to the needs of your own body, mind and emotions. Allow yourself to have the ability to adjust your posture, and even coming out of a pose to prevent strain. All judgments are left outside the studio door, your practice is just yours. We learn from listening to our own bodies, explore with your practice to find your edge, and not to push beyond that. Keep in mind that our practice will be different from day to day. Be easy on yourself, allow for limitations to give you information.

3. Yoga requires commitment: commitment to showing up on a regular basis, to being willing to gently try even when you feel tired or checked out, to being open to whatever presents itself, to responding to what is actually happening and not to what you think should be happening. As I’m sure you’ve heard many times and in many forms, yoga is about being true to the present moment. This means developing our conscious ability to observe and participate, and learning how to use our asana practice as a forum for experiencing and enhancing this awareness.

For a list of more essential tips, visit to the “About Yoga” page.


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