January 10, 2010

Sun Salutations After Dark?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:21 pm by DivineShantiYoga

An evening practice helps us to slow down, focus inward, and transition from day to night. Unwinding and releasing the musculature through asanas can relieve the accrual of tension and the compression that gravity brings. The disks of the spine are rehydrated through the intentional stretching and twisting of various asanas. An evening practice could consist of pranayama or restorative poses. It could also include a quiet posture flow in which the breath guides and inspires you to move according to the “body’s speaking.” For example, you can let the breath help you define the feeling of a tight shoulder and then—just as you do in a spontaneous morning stretch lying in bed—explore various movements that feel good and affect the shoulder area, eventually releasing the stiffness. These moves can be classical asanas or simply intuitive movements.

The Sun Salutations, beautiful vinyasa sequences that can be done alone or as complements to a larger practice, are also appropriate poses to do before bed. Even though they are often used to energize and warm the body, they can be practiced in a way that relaxes and recharges the body instead of raising energy.

-The Yoga Journal Daily Insight


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