February 1, 2010

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:00 pm by DivineShantiYoga

This is the month to celebrate our Valentines with love, sharing, romance, and possibly our connection to our our “soul mate.” One wonderfully powerful message I’ve learned from the teachings of Shane Perkins, at Yandara Yoga Institute is that “You are the one you’ve been waiting for”.

This lesson is so very powerful because many times we seek for what can fulfill us, or complete us with the aid of someone else to only be let down when in one way or another, we are disappointed with their inability to maintain this sense of “happiness”. This lesson proves that if you are not fulfilled and happy with yourself, on a deep level, than you are not open to accepting anyone else as a partnership.

Yoga allows you to slow down, to look at yourself on a deep level, to explore all that is radiant and all that is in the shadows to heal from the inside out. A consistent practice will not only allow your true nature to blossom, but also build awareness for what truly makes your heart grow. With this inner growth of self-awareness and self-love in a truly non-egotistical way, your idea of a soul mate perhaps changes, and evolves with clarity.

“Often, two people get together and hope the other will fulfill them,” says Anna Douglas, a Vipassana meditation teacher and one of the founding teachers of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California. “Often, a relationship can be a misguided search for our own completeness.”

Most of us have been there—attracted to someone who strokes our deflated ego, lavishes extravagant gifts on our scraping—by existence, takes us to the parties we would not otherwise be invited to, or somehow seems to fill a hole we don’t think we can fill on our own. “At first they appear magical,” says Douglas. “Later you realize they have their wounded places and needs and unfinished business they’re hoping you’ll complete for them.” And regardless of how much you have in common or how much love you share, a relationship can crumble under the weight of expectations that it will make both of you feel whole. If you’re on the hunt for a soul mate, your best move may be to take a break from searching online dating sites and instead commit yourself to your Yoga practice. It is possible to set the foundation for a great relationship, by examining your beliefs and habits and seeking the real truth about what will make you happy. In the end, finding a soul mate has less to do with meeting potential candidates than with feeling complete and whole in yourself.

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