March 10, 2010

Greet Resistance with Meditation

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Clear, smooth, & graceful meditation is the ultimate direction for our Yoga practice. Yoga is not the asanas, or physical postures. Yoga is the blissful feeling we get when we are aware of the stillness and lack of movement of our thoughts. We simply use the asanas as a forceful way to give us freedom of thought. This is quite effective and respectable, however we cannot leave out meditation from our practice, or we will always rely on the physical postures to find peace of mind. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have this peace of mind regardless of where we are, or what we are doing? Our meditation practice helps us control the mind in a way that we can be at a place of total inner peace at all times.

Don’t be afraid to meet and greet resistance in meditation. Make the commitment to sit and meditate regularly. A willingness to stay present with the resistance that surfaces during mediation will help you cope with those complex emotions that continually arise in daily life.

While meditating, the mind starts to open; there’s an expansion of awareness. Allow yourself to melt into that spaciousness. Sit slightly longer and greet the resistance that often stems from fear—fear of your emotions, fear of the unknown, and, lastly, fear of your own essence, your own grandeur.

Listen to your resistance—it almost always has something useful to tell you. Often resistance masks fear, an unwillingness to move deeper or to engage a block, a reluctance to explore an unexamined belief. Experiment with staying inside the meditation posture until you feel shifts—then try staying a little longer and feel the new level that has opened up.

Mindfulness is a meditation path that teaches us how to be completely present in this moment. We learn to let go of thoughts from the past, and future. We become an observer, a complete beginner at noticing this current moment. Then letting go of judgment about this moment, we open ourselves up to spaciousness and clarity.

Experience mindfulness practices this Saturday, at Balance Wellness Center for my Mindfulness Meditation Workshop. Learn ways to be still in your mind, and take that stillness with you wherever you are. Details below. See you there!

“Make Room for Quiet Time, for The Divine Whispers, and The World is Loud.”


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