May 17, 2010

Culture of Awakening

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:48 am by DivineShantiYoga

These guidelines are adapted from The Centre of Gravity Sangha in Toronto and agree that by living in this manner, we can live in a culture of awakening. Simply put; living your yoga means so much more than movement on the mat.

1. Returning to yoga practice it’s tantric and nondual roots by cultivating a yoga practice that aims to concentrate the mind, wake up the intelligence of the body, and decenter the habit energies that create a separate sense of self.

2. Combining a commitment to practice and a critical engagement with the basic tenets of yoga, especially the teachings of karmas and ahisma so that our practice is put to use in everyday life.

3. Expanding our understanding of community beyond the borders of a particular school or lineage, even beyond the human realm, so that “sangha” refers to the entire web of life. This brings with it an obligation of responsible action within the web.

4. Ensuring that our practice leaves no stone unturned by practicing ethical principles, breathing therapeutics, yoga postures, meditation, and integration. A strong formal practice gives us the skills necessary for recognizing the inherent yoga in everything and in all that we do.

5. Ensuring through personal mentorship, that we don’t hide in our practice and that we continually realize practice through true self-expression.


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