June 29, 2010

Words on Compassion

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“We learn compassion as we dissolve our personal version of the world, and grow gentle eyes that are not afraid to see reality as it is. We learn compassion as we stop living in our heads, where we can neatly arrange things, and ground ourselves in our bodies, where things might not be so neat. We learn compassion as we stop trying to change ourselves and others and choose instead to soften the boundaries that keep us separated from what we don’t understand. We learn compassion as we do simple acts of kindness and allow others’ lives to be as important as our own.

Compassion moves us across the boundaries of established norms and often past the boundaries of safety, rushing headlong to do what it can to ease another’s suffering. Compassion forgets itself and the standards of protocol to answer the cries of another. It is more than a sorrowful feeling; it is a powerful inner response leading to an immediate outward action that takes a risk on behalf on another”

We may not yet have the kind of courage and depth of compassion needed for taking such risks, but we can, in all of our encounters begin to practice acts of kindness for the sake of someone other than ourselves.

Sat Nam

(Kundalini yoga mantra meaning “Truth is my identity.”)

-Paragraphs 1 and 2 adapted from the words of Deborah Adele


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