July 12, 2010

Exploring Dharma (Duty)

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:54 pm by DivineShantiYoga

Dharma has to do with our priorities and roles in life, including responsibilities to self, family and friends, work, society and all of humanity. Of course by neglecting our duty, or dharma, we are drawn toward conflicts and problems in daily life.

Some typical examples for neglecting our dharma would be over-working, having poor eating habits, not resting sufficiently, not exercising enough, or emotionally neglecting our families.

When we integrate the attitude of dharma in our lives, we are able to see clearer the concepts of: responsibility, routine, discipline, self-direction, self-control, moderation, commitment, concentration and character. We practice restraining from impulses, regulating desires, and accepting internal authority and mastery. This is a means through which we can achieve self-realization (the true Self).

Practicing dharma corresponds to meditative yoga asanas. While all asanas have a meditative quality to them, some are defined specifically by their meditative nature, such as balancing and meditative poses. (Tree Pose, Dancer Pose, Boat Pose, Easy Pose, Half-Lotus are all good examples of having a meditative nature). Taking time in your day (even 15-30 mins.) to simply practice these asanas with the intention of having duty, will bring you closer to realizing the effects of dharma.


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