September 12, 2010

True Accomplishment in Yoga

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“A Yoga posture is to be steady and comfortable.” ~ Yoga Sutras 2:46

Dr. Robert Butera’s take on this: “Mastering yoga poses requires the same unison of mind, body and spirit. While many yoga students develop great physical strength and flexibility, yoga’s true accomplishment has little to do with physical ability in the poses. A student in a yoga class might be extremely flexible, but if his mind is distracted, thinking of a to-do list, or competing with the person next to him, he is not truly practicing yoga. On the other hand, a focused 75-year old woman smiling in her modified form of the Tree Pose is mastering a whole different level of a yoga pose.

Yoga does not exclude students who are inflexible or physically limited due to injury, disability, or age. Though you may experience some physical discomfort when you begin doing yoga poses, with consistent practice you can achieve deep relaxation and effortlessness. Correctly practiced, yoga poses help our bodies achieve a feeling of non-existence, becoming like the whole wide expanse of heaven and earth merged into one.

As we learn to surrender the ego, we are empowered to change the way we live. The psychological shifts in perception that occur when we are mindful in a yoga pose can change our view of the situations in life that cause us stress or suffering. With practice, both in yoga poses and in life, the external world begins to have less power over us and the internal world is more at peace.”

“From the relaxation of tension, and connection to the infinite, we experience supreme consciousness.” ~ Yoga Sutras 2.47

September 1, 2010

Movie Review

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So, I’ve been asked a lot lately if I saw the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” and what were my thoughts on it. I didn’t read the book, but I did see the movie. I must say that I made the mistake of creating a perception of what I thought it was going to be like, and had high expectations.

My take on the film is simple. Although I was hoping to be inspired to travel the world in search for something larger than me, I actually finished the movie feeling less-than inspired. The message was clear, simplistic, and her character was a bit whiny and hard to please in my opinion. For so many people, this story’s message could be profound. I was hoping for more (again my mistake for having created this expectation).

While I enjoyed seeing the beauty and reality of the countries she traveled to, I mostly enjoyed the relationships that she had created along the way. While breaking through her personal barriers, she learned to open herself enough to find love in other human beings who also needed her in their life. That was beautiful.

The spiritual message in this movie, was simply to accept yourself. To forgive yourself. And she proved that you don’t need to travel the world in order to find that. It resides within you already. I just felt a bit like “well duh”, I wanted more. 🙂

When we spend all of our energy going through the motions in life, without slowing down enough to find gratitude in every moment, we may find ourselves questioning existence, or seeking more. Her lessons included letting go through ceasing to try to control everything, take time to meditate daily (very important), and to allow love to enter your being.

Sounds pretty similar to having a yoga practice to me. 🙂