November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving This Year

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:06 pm by DivineShantiYoga

Giving thanks has new meaning this year, as I have been learning about the power of love in a way that I could never understand without experiencing it so fully. With each waking morning, I breathe in the morning air and greet the sun rising with new appreciation for life as we know it. Our breath is a gift. Each day is a glorious gift. I look beside me, and I fall in love with my family all over again each day. I look outside and around my living space, and I fall in love with the beauty of this Divine creation that I am blessed to live in. I see the leaves blowing off the trees, twirling through the gentle breeze in a kaleidoscope of bright color. I hear the sounds of tiny cardinal feet as they fly between my rooftop and the feeders in my backyard, and they share beautiful songs. For all of this, I am so thankful. For Thanksgiving, I was able to spend time with my beloved “sisters”, Kristen and Shelly from NY, a couple of weekends ago as they came to be by my side.

My body is recovering, my physical strength returning, my voice re-creating itself, and my spirit so filled with this intense love that I feel the need to touch as many people as I can to give some of it back. Throughout the trials of battling cancer and all of the many effects on the body it has created for me, my community, my family, my friends, my angels, have not regarded me as being ill. You all have held me so high in the light with such healing energy that only describes love in its deepest sense. As many of you have taken the time out of your lives to visit me at the hospital and then in my home, to bring me food, carry me downstairs, to simply be with me, to share your love, it all radiates from your hearts with such effortlessness. There is other no way of describing this experience other than with the words “love” and “interconnectedness”. Each and every day, your messages, your prayers, your healing words and radiant energies, your visits, your donations, your efforts, are all coming to me with such grace, and for this I am healing. I am incredibly blessed to have you all in my life. It is your Yoga practice that keeps me held in the light.

I hope to make some appearances in the world this week, as my body is gaining strength. I am able to walk and stand now with more comfort and cannot wait to be back to teaching as I have missed you so. December is a month of continued treatment, and we pray that by the 12th of December, the body scan will show that all cancer is gone. Until I see you all again, I continue to wake each day in less pain and greeting the morning sun with such appreciation for yet another gift. Through surrender, I am realizing a consciousness, an awareness that is leading me in a direction to help guide others as you have been guiding me.