February 20, 2011

Practicing Non-Attachment (Viaragya)

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“Non-attachment involves humility, objectivity, faith, ego reduction, acceptance, and surrender to a larger reality.

It confers the ability to step back and view our lives as an objective witness, seeing everything but suffering nothing. When we cultivate the attitude of non-attachment, we’re able to live with our struggles but not be defined by them. Non-attachment also involves being ready for the teacher (spiritual or otherwise) to appear, and, once that happens, cultivating humility and learning to receive the guidance and light required for self-development and self-actualization. In daily life, this is the practice of learning to say we’re sorry and helping those who are less fortunate than we are.

It is the practice of karma yoga, where working, especially the most humbling acts like washing the dishes or cleaning the toilet, become the path to serve, worship, and reduce the ego. We make contributions to others without the desire for reward, without attachment, leading to a balanced state of mind.

In yoga poses, non-attachment corresponds to letting go in relaxation poses, forward bends, and head-low postures. Twisting poses offer a chance to look from a new perspective, one we may not have seen in our everyday, forward-moving tunnel vision, while forward bends provide an opportunity for reflection. Non-attachment offers us an experience of forgetting the self.”

~ Robert Butera, Ph.D.