April 21, 2011

Prithivi Mudra (Earth Mudra)

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:45 am by DivineShantiYoga

With our earth day celebration this year, along with making positive changes for our environment, we can nurture our energetic connection to the earth as well. We need stability and nourishment to grow and be effective in our place in the world. Practicing the Prithivi Mudra can eliminate an energy deficit in the root chakra, creating this grounding. This mudra can restore your equilibrium and trust if you feel uncertain of your steps while walking. Whether or not you feel psychologically or physically strong and vital greatly depends upon this energy, so this is wonderful to practice when you are feeling insecure, need inner stability or self-assurance. The earth is the renewing force for our bodies, so imagine the balance of giving and taking of this energy while connecting physically to the ground.

Place the tips of the thumb and ring finger on top of each other, using light pressure. Extend the other fingers. Do this with each hand.

Affirmation: The power of the Earth gives me secure stability, staying power and assertiveness, self-assurance, and self-confidence. The power of the cosmos gives me enthusiasm, pleasure, and joy.


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