May 2, 2011

May is National Meditation Month

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:38 am by DivineShantiYoga

May is national meditation month! Whether you already have a consistent meditation practice, or would like to begin one, the benefits are endless; including relief from stress, pain, and feeling “stuck”. Allow yourself just five minutes to start meditating, and build up time from there.

Here are some more helpful tips:

1.) Give yourself permission to have the time allotted just for you. Tell yourself “there is nothing else I need to be doing right now.”

2.) Begin by drawing your full awareness to your breath. Take deep breaths through the nose, and just be an observer as it flows throughout your body.

3.) Greet resistance with love, including distracting thoughts. Maybe even “thank” the thoughts for creeping into your mind, then let them go, bringing your full awareness back to your breath.

4.) Mindfulness meditation is not trying to “not think”, or trying to think about anything in particular. It is a practice of just being present and observing what sensations arise in the body and mind, letting go of judgment, and allowing thoughts to float on by, like clouds floating across the sky.

Create a sacred space in your home or yard without distraction where you can practice meditation. Allow the body to be comfortable, whether it is sitting, lying down, standing or walking slowly. This can become the most important five minutes of your day, as you teach yourself to let go of stress. Having a consistent meditation practice actually transforms your natural way of perceiving obstacles as they enter your life, accepting them with greater ease and appreciation.


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