May 17, 2011

“I AM” The Documentary (movie review)

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Just to be clear, there is another movie with the same title (I AM) that is available currently by rental, and that one is about Christianity. This review is NOT on that film.

This is a NEW film, one that is currently playing at select theaters and is a documentary about Tom Shadyac, who is the movie producer for popular comedies such as “Ace Ventura” and “The Nutty Professor.”  Tom was living what he once thought to be “the rich American dream”, with multiple mansions, flying on a private jet all over the world, and spending money on anything and everything his heart desired.

After a tragic bicycling accident, and spending months hospitalized, he had hit an ultimate low and slowly began realizing what is truly important in life. This film displays clearly what is wrong with our world, and invites you to become an active member in society, creating change for us to be able to maintain life on our planet and as a human race. It points out our need for an awakening that we have an unhealthy relationship with materialism and what we consider “success” in this country.

As human beings, we have an inherent interconnectedness, which is a major yogic teaching. Every choice we make every single day affects one another in this universe. Whether it is choices in consumerism, or even what we think, and what energy we radiate into the world, it naturally affects all other living things.

Tom’s message is delivered with his talent for comedy, and I found myself throughout this movie; laughing out loud, triggered with feelings of compassion, shedding a couple of tears, nodding my head in agreement, and was left feeling inspired to make a large sign saying “free hugs” and using it in public.

So, go see this film. Highly recommend it. Check out the website for local showings.


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