July 14, 2011

Yoga Off the Mat

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It is at times in our lives where we feel truly tested, that the Universe reminds us of how important our Yoga practice is. While spending hours yesterday in the nuclear medicine department at the hospital, receiving another dose of radiation, I was pleased to walk out on my own two feet instead of having to be wheeled around on a bed like just months ago. My husband was by my side, as he has been throughout this life-changing process. It was our wedding anniversary, and even though he had to keep his distance once I was radioactive, and I felt like I should look as if I was glowing green-he still made it a point to tell me how beautiful he thought I was.

The day before, I allowed my emotions to be stirred as I learned that I was going to have a much larger dose than I was expecting. I also thought I was just having a body scan, and we were planning on going to dinner afterward to celebrate our love and pray for positive results. For the first time in the past year, I vented out loud, asking the Universe what message there was for me in this. Then I got responses, and lots of them. I was flooded and surrounded with messages from friends and family; letting me know that I was not alone, that I was loved and to know that there is a lot of healing energy and prayers being sent to me.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, meaning to join, unity or yolk. Feeling Yoga, is feeling that you are united with all of the loving energy surrounding you, having awareness of our inherent interconnectedness, feeling the freedom of “getting out of your own way”, and ceasing the stories that your mind tells you that the situation you are in is not a good one. This message came to me, loud and clear. If any situation is judged as being good or bad, it is only because your mind has told you such. On the surface, my situation felt all-around disappointing. Then, I was reminded that I am alive because of this crazy nuclear stuff, and I have never been alone on this journey, filled to the brim…no…overflowing with love.

This teaching can be applied to every moment in your life. When you are on your mat; breathing, or in asana, if feelings of discomfort arise, Yoga teaches you to open to and to surrender to that sensation. Anytime in life, as feelings of discomfort arise, this is an opportunity to practice your Yoga. Even if you’ve never taken a Yoga class; you practice Yoga when you open to this grace and with realization that you are right where you are supposed to be, connected to every sentient, and non-sentient being. Give yourself permission to surrender to that sensation, and allow a sense of peace to penetrate your wholeness. I feel you all in my heart every day, and I hope that you feel me in yours, as we are one on this path. Thank you, for reflecting Yoga back onto me.


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  1. melva goldhammer said,

    Love you Angie – sending healing thoughts to you. Yoga was good tonight but we all missed you. HUGS. Mel

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