August 31, 2011

A teacher, teaches at every moment.

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We all have opportunities in this life to learn great things, every single day. It is also our duty to take these lessons to teach one another. Every day is a gift to learn, and to teach. We learn from someone else’s experiences and wisdom as well as from our actions and mistakes.

Those who teach as a profession, have one of the most crucial responsibilities for our future as humans on this planet. Education helps us to understand how things operate affectively, how to communicate well, how to survive, how to care for one another, and how to care for our earth. The possibilities are endless, and our intentions guide the direction.

Teachings reveal themselves in simple ways. We may be helping a child to speak, read, or to understand a basic concept. We may also be teaching without completely being aware of it. Every action we take, each word we speak, is teaching someone else something. With as many varieties of teachings, there are just as many ways to learn. Any personal interaction is an opportunity to learn something new, and to share knowledge.

With this in mind, we must be mindful of our actions, and of our words, in how they may affect others. If we choose to communicate using words, we must choose our words wisely, and with pure intention. For those who identify themselves as being a “teacher”, this weight is robust, and carries dignity. A teacher has not only a duty, but an honor, to pass on to others the knowledge that they have also been given. The students shall receive a clear understanding of why they are learning what they are, where the teachings originated from, and how it will be useful for them.

A Yoga teacher shares this endeavor, this duty, and this honor. With the greatest amount of mindfulness for speech, please do not refer to yourself as a Yoga “instructor”, for if that is what you do (instruct), that is not carrying the true essence of Yoga, nor relaying that you teach anything at all. I mean, where did this word come from anyway, aerobics? Anyone can instruct someone on what to do, but teaching has an entirely different meaning. As a student of everything, I grow from being taught. As a Yoga teacher, I have vowed to teach this powerful practice fully, in all aspects. We are “Registered Yoga Teachers”, that is why upon our registration, we are given the identification “RYT”, not “RYI”.


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