September 12, 2011

The Loving Home

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Many who have visited me over the past year for the first time, comment on how loving my home feels to them. This is a beautiful compliment, which leaves me feeling enriched, and warm. Sometimes I have friends that ask me for any guidance that I could offer on how to invite these aspects into their space as well. Here are some of my thoughts on this:

Firstly, I believe that it is important for us to realize that our home, no matter how humble, is our “third skin”. Our clothing is our second skin, and our home is our third. Chances are, we spend more than 50% of our time in this building. Like all matter, our homes have the ability to absorb energies that inhabit there. These energies can remain within a structure for many years, which means that if there were past inhabitants, their energies still reside there as well.

It is beneficial to periodically cleanse energies within the home. This is a native American tradition, and  can be done by smudging (burning dried herb leaves such as sage, lavender, rosemary, etc.) the home, by burning incense, using cleansing crystals to re-direct energy, and by good ole’ opening house windows to allow the fall breeze to flow through. All of these practices have the power to purify negative energies, and can invoke positive energies to flourish. They can be done every day, or on whatever schedule feels good to you. It is a simple practice to begin your day with a greeting meditation practice while burning incense to honor the day given to you.

Through mindfulness practices, we can become more aware of the energies that we bring and cultivate within the home as well. Daily meditation, breathing with the clarity of the present moment can instill a loving feeling. When we are out and about, and we find ourselves feeling stressed, or anxious…take a few breaths outside of the home before entering. Allow these strong emotions to dissipate, or at least decrease before entering your home. The more calmness, and love that flows within the walls, the more calmness and love that flourishes within the space.

Also for cultivating a loving home, surround yourself with elements and architecture of nature. A feng-shui practice is to have at least one living plant for every 150 sq. ft. of interior space. My philosophy is that I feel better with at least three plants per every 200 sq. ft. space. Definitely having at least one plant in each room feels best, as well as incorporating other real elements of nature. Do you enjoy rocks and seashells? Collect them, and place them in a beautiful clear, glass jar or canister to display. With the change of seasons approaching, perhaps you would benefit from bringing in a pumpkin, or gourds, maybe even pine cones. These are all small ways to being the outdoors, in, and this is an important concept for inviting loving energy inside.

Lastly, I believe that each room should be filled with a balance of the earth’s elements. (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)  We can do this by balancing materials and color in our furnishings. Having a balance of wood, metal, glass, clay, fabric, candles, maybe a fountain, and organic materials is vital to balancing our energies in each room. (a vase of fresh flowers from the garden brings in water, earth, and air…if they are red or orange, even a fire element is added) We can adjust these elements very easily through the use of colors and hues. (Red, Orange = Fire; Blue, Black = Water; Brown, Green = Earth, Yellow, White = Air)


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  1. I love these suggestions. I can almost imagine how “homey” and welcoming your house is!

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