September 15, 2011

So Hum

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:56 am by DivineShantiYoga

We’ve been practicing the mantra “So Hum” this week, allowing this energy to guide us through each breath. Translated as; So (“I am”), Hum (“that”) or (“all that is”), we silently chant “So” on each inhalation, and “Hum” on each exhalation. This mantra symbolizes that we are all a segment, a portion of collective cosmic energy within this universe, and together we ARE all creation.

It is humbling to think about how we all share the same air, and we share the same air as our ancestors. We have all been breathing the same air for thousands of years. When we think of this air as a source of our life-force energy, we are literally made up of the same life-force that made the Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, da Vinci, Aristotle, Einstein, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, we could go on forever. All of the great philosophers and teachers of our past, as well as our loved ones, reside within each and every one of us. We are that, a collective part of all that is.

This ultimate reality is powerful, and chanting this mantra, either silently, or aloud, can instill a greater sense of interconnectedness for us all. We also honor our great ancestors by being aware of their energy flowing through our very bodies right now, giving us life. SO HUM. SO HUM. SO HUM.


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