October 24, 2011

Manipura Chakra (Lustrous Jewel)

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:58 pm by DivineShantiYoga

This week’s focus in class is on our solar plexus, or Manipura energy center within the body. This is located behind the navel, and is the element of fire. Like the vibrant yellow energy from the sun, the Manipura chakra shines light on all that is, just the way it is, without the need for control. This energy center controls our sense of self, and our self-esteem.

An imbalance here could manifest physically, as digestive issues with the small intestine, gallbladder, liver or pancreas. Many times eating disorders or obesity are results of an imbalance with this energy. When the mind becomes fearful and anxious, this is many times because our solar plexus energy is weakened, making relaxation and the ability to “go with the flow” more challenging.

To awaken and balance the Manipura chakra this week, we are working with this inner fire through core awareness, twisting, strengthening the abdominal muscles, and so much more.



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