January 15, 2012

“Being the Change, and Honoring your Heart”

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Hello beloveds,

This is perhaps my most important post yet to date. Please allow yourself the time to read, and absorb this.

Our local Yoga community (Charlotte area) is experiencing a shift in energies. All over our country, more and more teachers are being born, and studios have been popping up with vigor over the past few years. Many studios have had to become more competitive in a “pursuit of business”, rather than fully understanding, and/or honoring the pure heart of Yoga, and its rich moral and ethical guidelines. This is a natural result of this tremendous growth, which like all change is not to be judged as ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’. It just simply, ‘is’.
When I came back to teaching in the Spring of last year, I was able to see this clearly from an objective view. After sitting with much time in meditation and concentration, I have responded by offering to locally teach Yoga philosophy. This is where our ‘Western Yoga’ has strayed the most. I accept teaching as a great honor, and know for sure that teaching Yoga is my life’s purpose and calling. You can rest assured that for as long as I am breathing in this body, I will be teaching Yoga. πŸ˜‰

In part of teaching Yoga, I hold in high regard; that this is a lifestyle, and not simply something that is a temporary ‘feel good’ practice. Especially in this country, it is easy to view Yoga as something that we get on our mats to do, breathe, sweat and then feel fantastic after doing so. The truth in the matter…is that we use the body as a tool to peel off all of our outer layers until we can clearly see what resides deep within ourselves. This is not my personal philosophy…but rather documented teachings throughout the history of Yoga. Yoga is more than the uniting of body, mind, and spirit. It is the inherent realization that we are all united at our deepest core, and this deepest core space is pure, peaceful, and radiant. That is what we get a glimpse of every time we devote ourselves to the practice. It’s truly beautiful, isn’t it?

I invite you all to educate yourselves about Yoga philosophy and teachings. These Yogic teachings have the power to illuminate your personal path in life, in a way that makes sense for your life today. But they also have to be put to practice. In order to put them to practice, you have to know what they are.

One very important, and prominent teaching from the late Yoga Master, Sri Pattabhi Jois is “Do the practice, and all is coming.” Do the practice…means so much more than showing up on your mat. All is coming. “Do the practice, and all is coming.” As long as the energy, and intention that you put out into the world is pure…this purity will be returned back to you. Glorious!

Because I hold Yoga teachings so dear, and the moral and ethical guidelines with such high regard, I have decided to depart/resign from regularly teaching at Gotta Yoga Studio. This studio, like others in our area; are experiencing this cosmic shift and when it comes down to it, they are all businesses. I am honoring my heart, and the heart of Yoga by no longer considering myself as an affiliated teacher of Gotta Yoga, or any other studio individually.

I have been, and continue to be good friends with the studio owner, and with fellow teachers there. Gotta Yoga Studio has been a wonderfully supportive place for me to teach, to practice, and to grow with. I am certain in my heart that I am being true to my Self and this practice with this departure. With all of my being, this decision feels honorable, light and pure. My last weekly class offering at Gotta Yoga this Wednesday, February 18th.

With that being said, I will however continue to offer the free (donation-only) ‘Yoga Philosophy Study’ group once-monthly at Gotta Yoga (begins tonight), and possibly at other locales this year.

All classes at the Highland Creek Sports Club will remain unchanged. My full teaching schedule is always posted on my website. www.DivineShantiYoga.com

As always, I am eternally thankful for all of you. Many times you are the reflection that shines my light back unto me. I am a teacher, because you receive my offerings. From my deepest heart-space to yours; thank you. Namaste’

And I look forward to seeing you in classes very soon. Shine on!

“Do the practice, and all is coming.” ~ Sri Pattabhi Jois




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  1. Rebecca said,

    Thank you so much for sharing and being so open. You are a great teacher!

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