February 24, 2012

Saucha ~ Cleanliness

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This weeks study has been with the niyama, saucha. Saucha means “purity”, or “cleanliness”. When we think of keeping ourselves clean, we may first associate this with keeping our external physical body clean. While this is an aspect of this teaching, saucha also means to keep the internal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body clean and pure as well.

Sunrise Shower at Yandara

While we are experiencing the change of seasons into Spring, this is an optimal opportunity for putting to practice a detox plan, and to clean out our homes and spaces. We may be holding onto excess clutter in our homes, work spaces. We may also be holding in our bodies toxins from a poor diet, or medication from the cold we just recovered from. Some detox methods may include a daily juice/fruit fast. Flushing the nasal cavity with saline in a neti pot is also a good practice. We can drink detox tea, and brush the skin, cover the body in sesame or coconut oil and soak in a hot bath with epsom salts all for detoxifying benefits.

When we purify our bodies and minds, we become less cluttered and heavy. Purification brings about a clarity and lightness to our very being. Our energy becomes awakened, pure, revitalized and fresh.

We can invite a lightness to our mind by practicing forgiveness. When we learn to forgive ourselves, and others, it is a wondrous gift we offer ourselves.

To allow for purity of our lives, we can also practice living in each moment just the way it is. We do not try to change, clean, fix or modify each moment, situation, or another person. When we allow someone to be themselves, without our preconceived ideas about who they are, our experience becomes more pure and beautiful. We learn to live with purity in our hearts, and the moment is transformed. This too, is saucha.

As Deborah Adele states; “We fail this guideline in any of our attempts to change, judge, criticize, alter, control, manipulate, pretend, be disappointed, or check out.

Being pure with ourselves means we are not afraid of our thoughts or our feelings, and we do not have to hide anything from ourselves. The practice of purity asks us to slow down and do one thing at a time.

Purity asks that we make full and honest contact with the moment so there is nothing lost and no regrets.”



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