May 5, 2012

“Make Your Heart a Zone of Peace”

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:17 pm by DivineShantiYoga

Excerpted from “Bringing Home the Dharma“, by Jack Kornfield

“In a complex political world how do we find a way toward peace? Our first task is to make our own heart a zone of peace. Instead of becoming entangled in the bitterness and cynicism that exist externally, we need to begin to heal those qualities within ourselves. We have to face our own suffering, our own fear, and transform them into compassion. Only then can we become ready to offer genuine help to the outside world.

Meditate, turn off the news, turn on Mozart, walk through the forests or the mountains, and begin to make yourselves peaceful. Make yourselves an example of peace, and allow the sensitivity and compassion that grows from our interconnection to extend to all beings. If we’re not peaceful, how can we create harmony in the world? If our own minds are not peaceful, how can we expect peace to come through the actions that we take?

Through practice, we can learn to make our own hearts a place of peace and integrity. With a quiet mind and an open heart we can sense the reality of interdependence. Inner and outer are not separate.”


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