October 7, 2012

Autumn Blessings

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:11 pm by DivineShantiYoga

We are encountering the cooler air and stale green colors of leaves as they prepare for their dazzling transformation into radiant hues of reds, yellows and oranges, as we are also reminded to experience change with grace. Autumn is the season of change, harvest and preparation for the even cooler, yin winter season.

Let’s allow this time as an opportunity to embrace change in our hearts and relationships for the betterment of the human race. The incredible closeness that I’ve experienced this year with some new friends reminds me that our hearts have the power to recognize kindred spirit if we really open ourselves in this way. Sometimes new friendships can feel just as comfortable and enriching as life-long ones do. You recognize them as a Divine spirit and welcome them as family.

This kind of Divine love can change the world. So, let’s notice whether we are embracing one another, or disregarding one another. Let’s be aware of each and every encounter with another human being, or living being for that matter. Can we all greet one another with a smile? How about with a warm embrace, a loving heart, a listening ear? Each and every act of kindness goes much further than we can fathom in making the world a better place to be.

This is good karma. Planting seeds of kindness, appreciation, Divine love, and compassion reminds us of our inherent interconnectedness. These seeds can and will only flourish with all of these virtues for you in this lifetime. So go on, smile a bit more. Hug a bit harder. Love a bit deeper. Listen a bit more openly. Life is surely too short to do anything but.

Perhaps my favorite Ram Dass quote: “Treat everyone you meet as God, in drag.”



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