November 2, 2012

Giving Back to Our Community ~ Karma Yoga

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Karma Yoga is practicing being an active participant in your community without the expectation of receiving anything in return (including public recognition). Some of the most impressive social work is done without a limelight of highlighting these heroic acts. They are performed anonymously, graciously and help keep the world going ’round.

Selfless service (Seva), can be done in myriad ways; from volunteering your time, effort, goods and services to those in need, reaching out to someone, or in some way actively participating in someone’s comfort and joy (any living being, Mother Earth included). Seva is practiced by recycling your garbage & rain water, reaching out to a friend who is experiencing difficulty in life, sometimes it means volunteering at your local soup-kitchen or helping to comfort those touched by natural disasters. Acts of Seva can be providing a service, a class or assistance to a population whom wouldn’t normally be receiving it. Yoga teaches us to recognize that we are all one, inherently interconnected – so by taking care of each other, we are taking care of the world.

Your karma is shaped by what kinds of “seeds” you are planting in this life. Each positive thought, action and service you provide become positive seeds that you are planting to blossom into positivity for you. This is your reward for being self-less. Nobody has to witness your good deed, karma is the exact return of the type of energy that you put out into the Universe. One of my favorite karma quotes is from Dr. Wayne Dyer, he says “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” This teaches us to take responsibility for what kind of energy you are creating and projecting.

Looking for ways to plant good “seeds” in your community? Here are some ideas:

1.) Donate non-perishable food items to your local public food pantry. Lotus Living Arts Studio of Concord is now a drop-off location for food that is distributed by CCM, reaching nine different food pantries in Cabarrus county for those in need. Bring a food item to your next class, and make a difference, one table at a time. Here is a list of current items of most need:

  • SOUP

2.) Divine Shanti Yoga is collecting donations for an elementary school in Charleston, S.C. (Chicora School),who’s in need of basic supplies and clothing for children. The mother of a very dedicated teacher at this school is a regular attendee of classes in Highland Creek. The school provides a “clothing closet” for students who are in need, much of which is donated by its teachers. Let’s help them! Items will be collected through April, 2013. Please feel free to bring to any classes in Highland Creek, or at Lotus Living Arts any of the following items:

  • NEW CHILDREN’S POLO SHIRTS (Navy Blue or White)


YOU are making a difference, one can of corn and box of pencils a week.


(The Divine light within me, recognizes and honors the Divine light within you. We are One.)








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