December 31, 2012

Being Present ~ “Happy Right Now” (Regardless Of What Calendar Day It Is)

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As we are in the final day of 2012, our culture reminisces about the year, our accomplishments, sorrows, joys, delights and begins to wrap up our thoughts regarding the entire year. We regard the New Year to come as a new beginning, a time in the future to look forward to our life “improving” in some way. “If I could just do this, or have this, or be there, or accomplish this, my life would be better.”

We all experience milestones, time-markers of some kind that help us to measure and remember life events, and these are just that…helpful. But something we forget to do is to relish in the present moment. This is really the only moment we truly know for sure. Right now. This one. Now, this one. The truth is, moments are passing constantly. And each new moment presents an opportunity for BEING love. For BEING peace. A new year (nor a new week, month, day or hour) is not needed to realize this. A celebration is not needed to realize this.

I invite you to utilize this New Year celebration to recognize that EVERY moment of your life can be enriched by coming back to the present moment and BEING love. If you knew you only had this as your last moment, how would you want it to be? Filled with more accomplishments, things, destinations, experiences, or rather filled with LOVE? Which of these can you take with you, when your time in this body is over?

Here are some ways to practice BEING LOVE every moment:

  • Smile (on your face and in your heart)
  • Hug
  • Give
  • Sing
  • Kiss
  • Dance
  • Laugh
  • Breathe Consciously
  • Move Consciously
  • Forgive
  • Rest Well
  • Consume ONLY what improves your life-force energy
  • Open to Life
  • Practice Grace
  • Be Grateful for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE (everything has a purpose)
  • Learn
  • Let go of Judging
  • Pray
  • Be Light
  • Share Your Light
  • Let go of Expectations
  • Listen Deeper

Now~ a new moment is here, so pick another one!


“Happy Right Now!”

“Happy New Moment!”DSC01239