January 4, 2013

Creating a 2013 Personal Mantra

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In classes this week, we have focused on creating personal mantras for the year. There can be a lot of power in just one word. One word that stays with you throughout the year, and a word that signifies something you would like to be (or be surrounded with) more of. You never know when this word (your mantra for the year) will pop into your awareness and you will be able to reflect and act upon. It’s just one word! 🙂

Last year, my mantra was “music”. Throughout the whole year, I vowed to surround myself with more music, and a musical year it was! We chanted more in classes, enjoyed live music in classes, and invited musicians from around the globe to come to Charlotte. My personal musical instrument collection has grown, and throughout the year I’ve attended countless regular live music events and/or Kirtan events around Charlotte and Asheville, including chanting with Bhagavan Das and The Wild Lotus Band. My harmonium playing and voice practice is progressing. Wow! Let voices sing!DSC01404

This year, as cliche’ as it may be…my word is “fitness”. It has been two years since this body was hospitalized for months, and has been cancer-free now for a year and half! Woo Hoo! Over the past couple of years of recovery, interestingly enough, I’ve not felt physically strong enough to really push myself…but now I am! So, fitness will fill my year, and strong bodied I will become once again! 🙂

Some of you have shared with me this week what your personal mantra is for the year, and here are some personal mantras you’ve shared for 2013:

  • Be Present
  • Purge
  • Quilt
  • Meditate
  • Balance
  • Slow Down
  • Red

These are incredible! Thank you for sharing, and if you haven’t already created a personal mantra for yourself for 2013, there’s still time! Find a quiet space and time to sit and breathe. Listen to the Universe speak to you, a personal mantra will become clear. This is just a simple word that signifies what you choose to surround yourself more with this year! Keep it for the entire year, re-visit it at any time. Blessings to you!




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  1. june said,

    Mantra for the year is a great idea!

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