February 26, 2013

Congratulations Class of 2013 and FREE Community Classes in Concord!

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Congratulations Divine Shanti Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2013!


I am extremely honored to announce the graduation of the first Divine Shanti Yoga school graduates. This program was born 8 months ago, after continued requests from students to do so. The Universe was giving affirmative signs that this was indeed supposed to happen, and so there it is. With the help and inspiration of many gifted guest teachers, musicians, and community support, the formal 200 hour Yoga Alliance recognized program has been a success.

These beautiful spirits understand the true nature of Yogis giving back, and have begun offering classes for FREE to the community for the next 3 months at Lotus Living Arts Studio of Concord, N.C. The free classes are each Friday evening 6:00-7:00pm, and each week will be a different teacher! http://www.lotuslivingartsstudio.com

Give yourself the gift of an extra class each week, there’s no excuse not to!

February 20, 2013

“Peace Traditions” A letter of insight from a local practitioner.

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So, while I often read numerous comments and suggestions that are graciously shared with me regarding classes I teach, every once in a while I receive the great gift of hearing from someone from my classes via email. This is always a delight, and I feel that the average local Yoga practitioner can share great insight about the practice based on their experiences. We are all teachers in life. Here is a recent letter from Rich, a local practitioner and inspiring spirit:

“Angela, thank you for teaching our yoga classes, and I saw this article and thought of  you and the yoga tradition.

The article is about combining Christianity and yoga. While some Christians now “openly” practice yoga, some still warn against such practice. In the late 1980’s friends knew I was taking yoga classes and a PhD in history asked me, “Can you do yoga and still be Christian?” My response was, “Sure.”

I think one can practice yoga as purely a science, and one can combine it with many of the “Peace Traditions” from religious and spiritual work. To me, your teachings and your series from your book are a peace tradition; and the lessons are wonderful for inner growth and connecting with the world. Some branches of Christianity are of a peace tradition, and some are not.

Thank you again for your work.”   Rich

Beautiful way of stating this, “peace traditions.” Thank you for being you!