April 10, 2013

We Live Every Moment In Virtue, Let’s Remember.

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As we go about living our lives, we are faced with countless choices, opportunities and decisions along our paths. In any given day, we decide what food choices to make, what clothing to wear, where we go, what we do, who we spend time with, how we spend our time, etc.

Sometimes life can become so routine that we forget to recognize the beauty and virtue in living. So, let’s explore the many ways we live virtuously by remembering why we do anything in the first place! You can practice having this awareness by asking yourself “why” you do anything, until a virtue is reached. Examples of virtues can be: Love, Compassion, Good Health, Peace, Service, Forgiveness, Freedom, Comfort, Balance, Harmony, the list goes on….


When you make healthy food choices, you are living for the virtue of good health. You are able to recognize that this short-term sacrifice, leads to a greater, long-term benefit. So, eat your greens, and avoid sugar like it’s the drug that it is.

When you show up daily on your Yoga mat for asana, or your meditation cushion for practice, you may be sacrificing some time for balance, harmony, peace, or good health.

When you go to your job (whatever it may be), you may be living for service of some kind. So, remind yourself that you are doing important work, and that there is great value in it. Even if your job is cleaning the house, or wiping little behinds, when you do them consciously for the greater good of service, it becomes more rewarding.

When you make healthy and balanced decisions with finances by not living outside your means, then you are sacrificing for financial comfort, being able to cover your living expenses or save for a comfortable retirement can be very reassuring.

When we sacrifice our time and energy for our beloveds, we put them before ourselves, and this is all for the virtue of love which is a powerful one. We connect with each other the strongest in the name of love.

Learning to say “no” to someone when appropriate is also okay, admirable, and also virtuous. You can practice forgiveness for yourself, compassion for others, and create a sense of balance in your life.

Always ask yourself for every activity, where is the virtue in this? Why am I doing this? By allowing yourself to realize how your life is filled with virtue, you are also filled with gratitude and happiness.

Maybe with your morning meditation, you decide on a “virtue for the day” as your daily mantra. You can breathe this all day long, a constant reminder that you are alive and living on a great, virtuous path exactly where you are.






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