August 4, 2013

Earth Energy In The Ring Finger

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The ring finger is associated with the root chakra, which governs our sense of feeling rooted and stable. This is a significant understanding for us during this time of year, with the heat of summer in full force. Summer brings with it hot burning action, and this season we inherently feel like life is moving in a faster pace. This year in particular, has had an added element of increased water flow with an abundance of the rain across the nation. Combining the movement of water, and the heat of summer means we really need to balance our energies with the stability of the earth.

The earth energy provides us with not only stability, but also with stamina, resilience, staying power, and security. In Yogic thought, the ring finger is intimately connected to the energy of the earth. In Chinese philosophy, the ring finger is connected to the meridian (energy line) of the liver. The function of the liver meridian, is that it gives a person patience and hope as well as regulating body temperature and cellular function. If it works in an optimal manner, it provides an ability to maintain equilibrium in stressful situations and have a strong immune system.

Whether we are realizing the ring finger’s energy as being earth related, or liver related, the effects are the same. Having staying power also means having a sense of groundedness in your body, in your mental and emotional state, and in life’s many situations.

To bring greater awareness to and to stimulate this earth energy, enjoy this practice:

  • Find a comfortable seated or lying position.
  • If possible, surround yourself with earth elements (plants, trees, rocks, sand, etc.)
  • Encircle your left ring finger with the four fingers of your right hand, with the right thumb extending to the middle of your left hand. Rest hands in lap with this mudra (seal).
  • Close your eyes and visualize a natural, dry place on earth. Perhaps rocky mountains or desert. Breathe in the energy of your visualized surroundings.
  • Next visualize fertile earth, with green, lush growth of plant life and sustainability.
  • Recognize your intimate connection to the earth’s elements, allowing your body to breathe with the pulse of life on earth, until it becomes difficult to discern the different between the earth breathing, and your body breathing. Breathe the earth into your body.
  • Repeat this visualization practice with the other hand for the same amount of time.
  • Affirm: I belong here in this space and time. The power of the Earth gives me secure stability, staying power, safety and assertiveness.



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