September 3, 2013

Change Is In The Air, Letting Go Of Attachments Is The Practice.

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Over the past couple of weeks I have heard from more and more students how their stress levels have been increased and they just need a “release.” We are approaching the autumn season, the season of harvest, and change is in the atmosphere. We can think with our rational minds that when there is a dramatic change in nature, we too experience this change, as we are inherently a part of nature herself.

Your intuition may be stronger than you realize when you say that you need a “release”, I invite you to honor this state of being and practice letting go. Practice releasing it.


When we feel stressed, or frustrated, it is usually because something in life isn’t going the way we have expected it to. We have formed an attachment to a particular viewpoint about things are going to play out in life. When this doesn’t happen, we are riveted with discomfort in the many forms of frustration or stress.

  • So, it seems like an important practice to first acknowledge that we have a viewpoint or expectation about a situation.
  • Secondly, we can recognize that we do have an attachment to this expectation, of course we want it to go this way, that’s why it’s called an “expectation”.
  • Thirdly, we learn that our minds have completely fabricated this expectation, and just as we have created it, we also have the power to let it go and just go with the flow.
  • Lastly, we practice letting this go, we get out of our “mind-space“, and open to our “heart space“…we give ourselves the gift of experiencing life with contentment, being absorbed in the here and now with a sense of wonderment, gracefully accepting each and every moment.

Every event or action in life carries with it a neutral charge, and our own perception decides whether or not it is “good/bad, right/wrong”. So, choose to get out of your own way and just open to what is (without your attachments to a particular outcome).

We realize that when we hold onto these attachments, we will always set ourselves up for disappointment. Our expectations in life will not always be met. But by letting go, or releasing our attachment to these, we will create less suffering for ourselves and those around us. Then when something happens that catches you off guard or surprises you, or makes you frustrated, you can respond by saying to yourself “how interesting“, instead of “that’s not what’s supposed to happen.”

The loving teacher Ram Dass says in his latest book “Polishing the Mirror”:

The art of spiritual growth has to do with how quickly you recognize attachments and how quickly you can release them. If you can admit that you can’t see clearly because of attachment, then the full wisdom of things will begin to shine through. As long as you have some desire about how you think it ought to be, you can’t hear how it is.”

Offer yourself time in meditation, letting go of trying to control what goes on around you. If you are outside; birds may fly by, a breeze may blow in, a bug may land on your leg, the sun may hide behind a cloud or a loud truck may pass by. If you reside in your “heart-space”, you will remain unaffected by all the change surrounding you, perhaps even notice the changes with a sense of childlike awe and fascination. This is where you allow true contentment and joy to enter…from the inside.


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  1. Gerald Moose said,

    Good advice and much needed at the moment. Thank You!

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