September 19, 2013

True Friendship Lasts Forever

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I’ve been gaining strength each day to write about all of the wonderful things about my dear friend, John Hutter. He left his body last Sunday from pancreatic cancer, and even up to the very last day, he was teaching me about grace, humility, love, acceptance and surrender.



Over the past couple of weeks, John’s family and friends have been visiting him, remembering him at his memorial service, sending letters and pictures, and have been leaving countless messages on facebook and on the local newspaper’s webpage, honoring such a vibrantly loved human being. A couple of days ago, my husband said to me “I had no idea that so many people knew John, and loved him so. What do you think it is about him that makes everyone love him so much?” My initial thought response was “Well, it’s only natural to love him, and I’ve never questioned why.” Upon more listening to my heart, I became flooded with all of the many reasons that I’m sure we all love John so much.

DSC02087  DSC01989

DSC01969  DSC01098

Here are some of them:

John was real, and authentic. You always knew how he was feeling, and in his presence, he gave you permission to also be authentically you.

He was adventurous. He would try just about anything once, and if he loved it, he would keep at it. (Yoga, for example)

John was health-conscious, and dedicated to being this way. He taught us all by leading by example.

He was inspiring, and loyal. He encouraged me get to Yoga class even when I didn’t feel like going, because it’s a new day.

John was candid and humble. There’s nothing more relaxing than being around someone who can laugh at themselves, and at you when you need it.

He had a great sense of humor. When John was leading a group of us in meditation once, he told us all to surrender into the moment (only with his N.Y. accent, it came out forcefully like “Just suwenda now!”), we all just rolled around laughing hysterically, including him.

John was one of the most caring and selfless people I’ve ever known. I still have a couple of saved voice mail messages on my phone from him, and even over the past couple of months when I would be asking him “how are you feeling today?”, his messages to me begin with “I hope you’re feeling good today.” What was most important to him was the well-being of everyone else.

He was sensitive. Many times over the years he would talk about his feelings, something that it not easy for many men. He also loved having his feet massaged and getting pedicures. (I think he’d be okay with me telling people this, even the ladies at the nail spa knew him personally)

John was loving, compassionate, fun, generous, easy-going, comfortable, and will always remain as a bright light in my heart. He was a wonderful friend, a joyful companion, a beautiful father, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great uncle and a radiant spirit that continues to live on all around us, and in each of our hearts, for eternity.

His last words to me a week ago today when he was still able to speak were “I love you, and have fun.” Let us all honor his touching final message and love harder. And have more fun. This is truly who John is and what he wants to see…more love and more fun.

DSC01167  DSC02325

DSC00750  DSC01914


DSC02429  DSC01188

DSC01435  DSC01288


Thank You For Showing Us True Friendship. We Love You!



  1. said,

    Dear Angie, what a lovely tribute to your friend, John. He surely sounds like a very special person. I know that you feel blessed to have shared this life with him and to count him as your dear friend. His life was richly blessed also to have you as a true friend. Savor all the lovely memories you have of times spent with him. Love, Jane

  2. Michelle said,

    Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful tribute and a good friend to John. John and I shared many lunch hour yoga classes together over the past 5-6 years at Yoga One. I was always behind him. He always greeted me with a smile and a hug! I will miss him but his spirit lives on in us all. All the best, Michelle

  3. Wanda said,

    Angie, perfectly written…..thank you for those words that still seem difficult for me to put down or put in an organized sentence. OX

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