January 20, 2014

My Dream For All Humanity

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:27 pm by DivineShantiYoga

My dream for all humanity…is that we do not value even a segment of our self-worth based on the judgments and opinions of others. Being accepted, approved of, graded or judged is part of all things in life that are temporary. You cannot take these with you when this embodiment is over.

The ego will identify with the parts of yourself that change. Everything from your body (we age), appearance, status, worldly accomplishments and even your job-title, which are all temporary, become the way that we identify with the self. We at times distress over them, and at other times celebrate them. This is a perfect example of what Patanjali describes in Yoga Sutra II.6 as asmita, or false-identification. Sometimes translated as “ego”, asmita is the second of the five mental afflictions, or klesas, outlined in the second chapter of the Yoga Sutra.

Realize your very existence is miraculous! You’ve already “made-it.” You are the quiet place within you that does not change. You are a shining star…a Divine spark in your corner of the Universe, and your natural ability to love and to serve is your highest purpose. You know how this makes you feel, you don’t need someone else to confirm or deny you. What anyone thinks of you, is none of your business. 

Yoga teaches us that your true essence, or higher Self remains stable, no matter what happens around you or to you. With practice, we can get glimpses of this, and sometimes it stays for a while. This is why we practice. Asmita is when you mistakenly believe, on some level, that how you look or feel, what you do for a living or even what you’ve accomplished in the worldly realm has something to do with who you are and that these things define you, instead of recognizing your true Self…at your core…which is unchanging.

A healthy ego will teach us that we can recognize the magnitude of our very existence as a human incarnation, and not squander our lives away. The ego is the immediate voice and the “seer” in your mind, it keeps us going…but with practice, we learn to explore ourselves deeper…where you will find your true essence, your higher Self. You don’t need an “approval board” for life. You know when you are squandering, or when you are in alignment with your true life’s purpose.

Listen to your innermost Self, you may call this your inner-guide, or your deepest intuition.  It is highly likely that you will hear a calling to love and to serve in some way. Aside from the judgments, approvals, and acceptances of other people or groups, your deepest Self lights the way. Can you imagine a world where we all are just guided by this true inner-Self, instead of the temporary and changing standards of society? When we give up our energies on trying to “fit in”, “make the cut”, or “be approved”, we realize that we have already arrived…at our own birth. How will we live? Can we practice being still and listening deeply? We just might hear how to love…and serve one another. The Beatles have a way with words; “You may say I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one.”



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