March 25, 2014

Another Fabulous Book: “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani

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From time to time, I share information about a good book I’ve read, usually in the realm of Yoga. I’m a lover of intense, non-fiction, thought-provoking and intellectual reads. Over the past year or so, nearly every time I would be chatting with a friend, we would get on the topic of Oneness, or authenticity and it would remind her of a book titled “Dying To Be Me”, and she would ask me if I had read it. I would answer “no, but I’ll order it.” She insisted that how we were discussing many aspects of living were just like the ideas from this story. I would forget about the book, until the next time we got together, and she would ask the same question, “…have you read it yet?”, striking my memory again to order this darned book!

Well, I finally read the story…and now I understand why. I am usually not interested in reading stories that are endorsed by public TV, as they can seem rather “gimmicky” or “cheesy”. THIS was not that book. The author uses her magnificent story to help illustrate such an important topic…LIFE. She so expertly guides you through an experience of struggle between being who you are in your heart, to being who you think you should be in the world. This struggle ends in a vibrant realization of the preciousness of human life, our interconnectedness and the purpose of being here!

I could understand so much of her experience, as she clearly explains traveling through different levels of consciousness, as most experienced meditators often visit. Her description is clear and inspiring. The lessons that she has learned from this are profound, and easy for us all to access. Even though this is not a traditional Yoga book, the underlying message is very much Yogic and even if you do not enjoy deep intellectual books, you will love this one. You do not have to personally identify with her experience to receive the wonderful message. I highly recommend reading it, and sharing it. Sit with the message. Realize the power of your very existence, the magnitude of being in this life. And don’t squander your life away.




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