July 16, 2014

Stay Cool and Balanced for Summer!

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We are experiencing our beloved hot and humid summer days, and we feel this summer energy in our bodies and minds as hot, burning, anxiousness. Here are some tips for maintaining balance this season:

  • Keep cool by drinking lots of cucumber and/or lemon water. Add slices of cukes or lemons to a pitcher of water and keep in fridge for easy access.
  • Steer clear from spicy and over-cooked foods. When you can, eat raw and light (think salads, seeds, berries).
  • Moisturize your skin all over, every day with a healthy, organic oil. Coconut oil is cooling for summer heat, and some say it is a natural sunscreen as well.
  • To help to calm all of the busyness and anxious jitters, be sure to practice one Yoga asana every day: Svasana (corpse pose). Give yourself 10 minutes of lying on the floor uninterrupted. Can’t take 10, then take 5…just take it!
  • Sitali pranayama is an excellent cooling practice for the digestive system, which is considered the main component of our immune-system. What an excellent way to begin your day!
  • Practice “earthing”, by standing or walking barefoot on the bare earth for 10-20 minutes each day. All I want to say about this is…wowsa! Your energy-body will thank you.
  • When you begin to feel yourself feeling agitated, angry or frustrated…allow yourself to recognize that this is excess summer heat built up in the body. This is a sign that your inner constitution is imbalanced, so follow all of the guidelines above. Especially practicing svasana when you feel irritable. Not only will you feel better, but everyone around you will too!

Why is it important to stay cool and balanced for Summer? Firstly, your body will function optimally. Secondly, you will allow yourself to slow down enough to REALLY notice your life and what you are doing, instead of running through the season with such angst that it flies by (don’t miss your life). Lastly, when you become a vibration of peace and serenity, others will benefit from being in your presence. You make a global impact, from your tiny corner of the Universe.

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