December 8, 2013

Attitude Of Gratitude For The Season

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ImageThis year it seems as though the holidays are compressed into a smaller window of time to accomplish all that we need to. I am feeling the squeeze, the rush, the chaos, the busyness of the season in full force and I bet you all are feeling it as well. As with all sensation, we are being given a gracious opportunity to slow down and observe, to feel, to notice from a place of neutrality and non-judgment. This season offers us a delightful chance to practice our Yoga off the mat, to simply observe what’s happening, and to practice non-reactivity to all of the hustle and bustle. Through this practice, we can allow space for gratitude and true joy to find it’s place in our hearts. It is really refreshing to take a step back, to notice what our senses can take in, and to connect with  deeper sensations of the present moment.

By filling our hearts and minds with the attitude of gratitude, we are naturally content with where we are and what we already have. Here are just a few ways to practice slowing down and being grateful for each day:

  • Give thanks for EVERY meal that you nourish your body with. Slow down, appreciate your food. Feed your body with healthy nourishment and plenty of green vegetables.


  • Acknowledge that every food item that you take in carries with it a long line of working hands, earth elements (earth, sun, rain, etc.), transportation, stocking, bagging, preparing, cooking, the list goes on. Be grateful for all efforts that provide you with food.


  • Notice each other. I mean, REALLY feel your connection with friends and family, people who share a Yoga class with you, people who share a waiting line with you, everyone. Nobody is insignificant in this Universe. Be grateful for even people who have hurt you, for they have taught you how to be stronger.


  • Be in awe of the planet, Mother nature’s majesty, be grateful for the crazy weather, all of it. As the winter solstice approaches, each day is becoming darker and darker. The day after solstice (usually December 22nd), each day becomes more and more filled with light, leading the path into Spring. Celebrate this beautiful process. Light up your life! Wahe Guru!


  • Are you currently warm, or able to keep yourself this way? Be grateful that you have the capability to be warm and comfortable during the chilliness of the season. Maybe your daily gratitude mantra is simply “sweaters”, “blankets”, or “warm socks”. Ahh….


  • Be grateful for LOVE. Remind yourself that “All resonance is light. All resonance is love.” You ARE light. You ARE love. Isn’t this remarkable?! Bask in the realization that you are already whole…just as you are. There is nothing to strive for. No conditions to being love, and being loved.


Wishing you all a healthy, joyful, safe, warm, nourishing holiday season filled with gratitude!