March 25, 2014

Another Fabulous Book: “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani

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From time to time, I share information about a good book I’ve read, usually in the realm of Yoga. I’m a lover of intense, non-fiction, thought-provoking and intellectual reads. Over the past year or so, nearly every time I would be chatting with a friend, we would get on the topic of Oneness, or authenticity and it would remind her of a book titled “Dying To Be Me”, and she would ask me if I had read it. I would answer “no, but I’ll order it.” She insisted that how we were discussing many aspects of living were just like the ideas from this story. I would forget about the book, until the next time we got together, and she would ask the same question, “…have you read it yet?”, striking my memory again to order this darned book!

Well, I finally read the story…and now I understand why. I am usually not interested in reading stories that are endorsed by public TV, as they can seem rather “gimmicky” or “cheesy”. THIS was not that book. The author uses her magnificent story to help illustrate such an important topic…LIFE. She so expertly guides you through an experience of struggle between being who you are in your heart, to being who you think you should be in the world. This struggle ends in a vibrant realization of the preciousness of human life, our interconnectedness and the purpose of being here!

I could understand so much of her experience, as she clearly explains traveling through different levels of consciousness, as most experienced meditators often visit. Her description is clear and inspiring. The lessons that she has learned from this are profound, and easy for us all to access. Even though this is not a traditional Yoga book, the underlying message is very much Yogic and even if you do not enjoy deep intellectual books, you will love this one. You do not have to personally identify with her experience to receive the wonderful message. I highly recommend reading it, and sharing it. Sit with the message. Realize the power of your very existence, the magnitude of being in this life. And don’t squander your life away.




March 16, 2014

Exciting Meditative Local-ish Events This Spring!

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ImageMark your calendars! Here are some upcoming events you may be interested in attending:

  • Sunday, March 23rd: 6:30-8:00pm Yoga Nidra/Gentle Flow at On Track Yoga in Mt. Holly. Donation-Only. Please pre-register at
  • Saturday, April 5th: 2:30-4:00pm Singing Bowl & Gong Meditation at Unity of Charlotte
  • Sunday, April 6th: 4:00-5:30pm Yoga Nidra/Gentle Flow at Yes2Yoga in Charlotte. Donation-Only.
  • Saturday, April 12th: 6:00-7:30pm Music & Kirtan with Osel at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville. Donation-Only.
  • Friday, May 9th: 7:00pm Concert with Matt Venuti, The Hang & The Gubal at Lotus Living Arts Studio of Concord. $20
  • Saturday, May 10th: 7:00pm Concert with Matt Venuti, The Hang & The Gubal at “Our Place” in Cornelius. $15 in advance, $20 at door.
  • Friday, May 23rd: 7:00pm Concert with Matt Venuti, The Hang & The Gubal at Ahlara in Mooresville. $20 in advance, $25 at door.
  • Also, stay tuned for a restorative Yoga class accompanied by singing bowls & gongs with Jessica Bowles and Karen Head at The Bindu in Cornelius, happening in May. 🙂


March 10, 2014

Self-Care Regime for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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Spring is right around the corner, and it finally feels like it’s here in Charlotte. With the weather changing, we are all outside more and Nature can be so healing for our body, mind and spirit! It reminds me of all the practices that are a part of self-care. Self-care practices really have to become routine in your schedule, or they will be missed. So, I’m urging you during this season of change to examine how you are taking care of yourself and if needed, make some changes too. Maybe we also re-examine our perception about what is a luxury and what is appropriate as a healthy self-care regime, as without our health, we have nothing. When your body is being taken care of regularly, you keep your immune system in optimal condition. Here are some suggestions and practices that are part of my schedule that you may like to add to your own:

  • Daily meditation. Yes, every day. You DO have time, even if it means 5-minute increments.
  • Eating only foods that provide good prana (life-force). No sugar, nothing processed, of course.
  • Of course Yoga asana. Yes, every day. Take a couple of lead classes weekly, then practice on your own too, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Daily self-massage with seasonal oil (after your shower or bath). has an excellent selection of organic body oils.
  • Monthly professional massage. That’s only 12 times a year, and it is very detoxifying, re-balancing and practical.
  • 30-minutes of good aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. Get out and walk briskly, maybe throw a run in there.
  • Regular energy healing/cleansing practices (Reiki, Kinesiology, Thai Yoga Therapy, Reflexology, etc.) These can be scheduled once every 4-8 weeks depending upon your situation. Do yourself a favor and add some of these, you deserve it and will feel SOO good. Here are my favorite providers: Reiki and Kinesiology:; Thai Yoga Therapy:; Reflexology: Yes, I give myself treatments, why not? 😉
  • Designate time for self-nurturing hobbies, whatever it may be, don’t let life get away from you! Life is precious and short, so take care of it wisely! (reading, gardening, dancing, singing, whatever takes you deep within)
  • Leisure time with friends and family on a regular basis. Only you can know how much time with loved ones you need, it is not too much to do something fun EVERY day!